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All songs written by Nate White // Copyrights for all songs registered to Nate White

The order of songs for this EP is intentional. They are intended to take the listener on a journey. Without saying too much, suffice it to say we begin by recognizing (admitting) our need, that Life is apprehended only by taking part of and entering into the very Body of Christ. And we learn that that Body is still given for the life of the world in the church of Christ, especially seen in those who sacrifice their lives for the hope of the gospel in the victory of Christ's glory, the cross (track 2). The next two songs (tracks 3 & 4) may seem more focused on the individual, and in some respect they are. But there is a corporate solidarity that defines us, and the "I's" and "me's", etc, invite the listener in intimately; into the struggle against sin in this pilgrimage...and the salvation and freedom from bondage brought to Adam's race by the New Adam, in whose image we were made, and to whose image we are restored. Track 5 calls those who have been delivered to follow the example of their Deliverer in confidence and hope of his return, and the final track provides an exhortation for us to enter into it in a practical way. It reminds us of the Reality we often forget. 


Each considers the union the Church has with her Bridegroom from various perspectives. Something we all partake in as followers of Christ by the ministry of the Spirit, but a Reality to which we are too seldom quickened in heart and mind.

Blessings to you! (Eph 1)

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"Let us ask God the Holy Spirit to kindle in us the burning fire of his love, so that all in his Church that does not conform to his will, may die, and the things of the Spirit may live and grow in it...​


That the Holy Spirit open our hearts to Jesus Christ, offering through us his prayer for the unity of his people, hear us Lord."

1) For the Life of the World


"At the hour of death, what will remain of life is a unique vision of an unchanging altar, an eternal gesture, a continuous melody. There is really nothing better; truly a revelation."

~Alexander Schmemann



Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you. (1 Kgs. 19:7)



Verse 1:

With tired hands and open mouths, we come before Your table.

One body, broken, in need of Life, our tears have been our bread.

Please take these tears, these hearts so shaken—brought low in tribulation.

And bear them on Your back, Dear Lord. Bear them for us, instead.

Verse 2:

We cast our cares, like coals of fire, from brows weary with toil,

In hopes that You will hear our cries and answer them with Love.

This journey breaks the back of pilgrims; compels the inward groans.

We lift our eyes unto the mountains, desperate for help to come.


First Chorus:

For the life of the world,

You took on flesh, entered a womb.

For the life of the world,

God Almighty, would make all things new.

For the life of the world,

You had a heart, and it was grieved.

For the life of the world,

The world You made, You would redeem.


Verse 3:

You climbed a mountain, once, and preached Life to those who listened.

You climbed a mountain, once, and prayed. In stillness, communion sweet.

Another mount You would ascend, and there prepare a table,

in the presence of our Enemies. Raise high the Cross, our feast.

Verse 4:

Contrite and brok’n, we come to You to offer sacrifice.

Ourselves, our prayers, thanksgiving unending, for Your heav’nly Bread and Wine.

The Cross restores the ancient wound, raises the dead to life.

The Resurrection seals our hope, one day to feast with Christ.



Lord, to whom else can we go?

Yours are the words of eternal life,

and we have believed and have come to know,

You are the Holy One of God, the Christ.


Second Chorus:

For the life of the world,

The bread you’d give would be your flesh.

For the life of the world,

Those who hate, now learn to bless.

For the life of the world,

You became poor to make us rich.

For the life of the world,

You broke the gates of Hell and death.

2) Noble Army of Martyrs

~for Behnam Irani


“The Son of God suffered unto the death, not that men might not suffer, but that their sufferings might be like His.”                                                  ~George MacDonald



Dear Brother, I am to love you,

And remember your chains. 

And remember your chains. 


Precious Sister, in my comfort,

I cannot carry your pain. 

I cannot carry your pain.


But you are finding your souls,

As this world dies to you. 

And blessed be the beautiful feet of those whose lives proclaim the truth. 



By your wounds you fill up what is lacking

In the sufferings of Christ.

In the sufferings of Christ.


In these fires of hatred and darkness,

We watch the flames bring peace and life,

And the dawn consume the night.


Now let our voices join the slain,

Who cry for all to be made right.

Whose blood is one with Him whose Name proceeds in triumph and all Love’s might.



The weapon of the Enemy becomes the scepter of the slain.

The spear and cross a crown upon their battered brows and fragile frames.

The outer nature wastes away with death at work through suffering.

The inner nature grows in strength beneath the weight of glory.



Oh God, help us enter in, into the company of worthy souls.

Whose Body, torn, gives bread and life to those who crucify our Lord.


No greater love has one than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.

Even a friend whose made himself an enemy of God and men. 

 3) Door of Hope



V. 1

When things were right, I thought I could make my own way.

But I found myself a child before an Angel of Light.

His words were sweet, and I watched his lips with infant-eyes of hope.

And I walked right out of the garden into the outer dark.


V. 2

The thing about it is, You let me go.

You let me walk right out on my own, and You—I forgot.

So I played the whore. I trusted in them for bread, and for wine and oil.

And they clothed me and I took pleasure in my shame.



Into the wilderness I will allure my son,

Into the Valley of Trouble I will make him run,

And I will wound to heal. I’ll wound to heal.


V. 3

Your roar blazed like flames—split mountains and me.

Tore down the altars of my heart and restored eyes to see,

And ears to hear that my idols were mute—were deaf and blind and made by my hands.

Your teeth tore my heart and buried me deep in Death’s grave.





Son, you did not know, it was I who gave you bread and wine and oil.

Child, you did not see, it was I who loved and healed your war-torn feet,

Taught you to walk, led you with cords of kindness and with bands of love.

For my roar wounds to heal,

And calls the dawn to shatter the night,

To break your weapons of war,

Make the blood-sown Valley

The womb in which you will be reborn.


Final Chorus:


Into the wilderness I will allure my son,

Into the Valley of Trouble I will make him run,

And I will wound to heal.


Out of the land of Egypt I have called my Son,

And from the Valley of Trouble I have raised him up

And from the Valley of Death, made a door of hope. 

"for our failure to take to heart your prayer for unity on the eve of your passion, and the sufferings we cause by our divisions, forgive us Lord."

4) Adam’s Triumph         


V. 1

In this skin, Lord, I am weak.

These bones, frail, hardly keep me standing.

Demonic whispers ring in my head,

As I begin to walk among the dead,

And return to a death undying.


Chorus 1

And this battle puts me on my knees and I cannot break free.

And this battle puts me on my knees and I cannot get free,

From this death inside of me.


Jn 17


"That the Church be

ready to be broken & given for the needs of the world, so that the kingdoms of this world may become the Kingdom of our God,

hear us, Lord.​"

V. 2

Ten thousand times before my heart’s been

Overthrown like a child before the wise.

I hear two voices calling and I will

Harden to one and finally be undone

To death or to life.



            Chorus 1

And this battle puts me on my knees and I cannot get free.

And this battle puts me on my knees and I cannot break free,

From this death inside of me.



Chant BGVs 1

From the waters One arose,

Driven by the Wind into our wilderness.

And there the voices came in time of dearth.



V. 3

And every one of us must face,

The craft and hate of an Accuser.

And as we ascend waters of death,

In the wild we stand before two trees,

To sonship or to slavery.



Final Chorus

And this battle keeps me on my knees and there I shall go free.

And this battle keeps me on my knees and there I shall go free.

From this death, you raise me.



Chant BGVs 2

Adam’s cry sounded forth from beneath the earth,

And you knew us in hunger and servant’s poverty.

But still you overcame the beasts in the wild.




Rise by Falling

[or: Here\Mysterion]


Where are You? In this self-destructive anguish,

Where mountains cave on every side? Where death is sown and reaped and lived?

We need You now! We need You here!


Come! Come now and heal! Come now and save! Come now and free!

And as we raise our voice in cries, You speak to us that You have come.

That You are here. Even now.


And I can hear the Truth.

Rising like light from pages of an Ancient Book.

From the Spirit and the witness of those who’ve gone before.


 “I have come to make things right;

To heal your souls and all that once was ‘good’.

I am come—today—am here, in my Bride, whose Flesh I’ve made my own.”


Now I can hear their voices calling from the four corners of this fading star.



Spoken Word:

We inhabit an age in which the sun has turned to darkness,

The moon to blood, and the stars withdraw their shining.

My heart is sunk in this flood of despair,

For the child whose mother—still a child—does not know the treasure that she holds.

My mind is overwhelmed when I remember,

Life’s not what I’ve known for most who live and die in a world drunk with chaos and power.

Whose famines await no bid from men,

But cast their angry shadows—like lightless night.

No warmth of food to fill their bulging bellies.

Whose daughters tremor in feeble groans, from pitiless depths of confusion and lies,

Who, in fear, cannot stand, nor believe that to receive

is the only way to achieve the wholeness of their marred Image and wounded lives.

Whose sons, condemned to shackles of hate,

Are bathed in the venom of prejudice and war.

Who—by those who once were boys themselves—

In innocence and slavery are seared to mercy, peace, and love.



So let us rise by falling.

Like grains of wheat to earth.

Descending with those gifts which

He has entrusted us.


And should one’s soul grow troubled,

What? Shall we ask for release?

It’s for this reason He has

Now come in us, in peace.


In Infant and in the Cross.

In Spirit and the Bride.

To restore the Kingdom,

Unto our God Most High.


Until beneath your feet, Church,

The Enemy is crushed!

The Son returns the Kingdom,

And God is all in all!


The end is finally come!

The end is finally come!

The end is finally come!


The Son is coming again,

The end is near!

The Son is coming again,

The end is near!​

6) He Has Made Us One


Verse 1:

Beloved, keep clear in mind,

Those around you bear the spirit of the Christ.

Your brother, your sister, the object of his love.

The object of his mercy. Inheritance of his cross.


Verse 2:

Remember that the Son of Man, came to set your brother free.

Came to cast away the shackles of your sister’s agony.

To destroy the dividing wall; to kill hostility.

To reconcile us both to God, in One Body making peace.





O’ Hallelujah.


O’ Hallelujah.



Verse 3:

When you look into your sister’s eyes, when you see your brother’s trial.

Will you take Christ’s love to them, by sharing in their cross?

For there you will meet Christ himself, still suffering in his church.

Conquering the rulers and the powers of this earth.


Still trampling down the strongholds of the spirit of the age.

In our love for one another, we are raised up from the grave.




O’ Hallelujah.


O’ Hallelujah.



O’ Hallelujah.


O’ Hallelujah.

He has made us One.



O’ Hallelujah.


O’ Hallelujah.



O’ Hallelujah.


O’ Hallelujah.

He has made us One.

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